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salutations, suite tea. i'm sui sea 🌊✨.

my name is pronounced sway and i am pronouned they, them, theirs.

{ i prefer my name written in lowercase always, please. }


i edit, the radical magazine creating a future without ableist white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy

i make twitter bots, mostly centred around self-care, mental health, emoji, feminism, and leftism

please support me and my projects, most of which are free to everyone, regardless of race, creed, class, &c.

i was the first person of colour to be an organiser for Open Seattle, fka Code for Seattle, from 2013-2017, and i am the reason why the organisation is not white male-dominated today. i encouraged the founder, sdv, to only consider women, especially women of colour, and other marginalised folx for the new leadership in 2017.

i have suffered from complex post-traumatic stress disorder, schizoaffective disorder, manic depression, suicide attempts, extreme anxiety, dissociative disorders, autism spectrum disorder, &c. as a result of being severely abused as a child and then adult by various mostly cis males my entire life, and i have survived a long period of time (in years) when all i did was think about, plan, or attempt suicide, and the fact that i am still alive is my greatest accomplishment.



i am :
suisea { } on twitter, where i tweet about everything
suisea on soundcloud, where i speak poetry and sometimes music

i am suisea on f*c*book, my least favourite social network
& suisea on github, my least favourite social coding site
& suis on goodreads, where some of my books live



buy some of my books here✨

my books and i are on goodreads.



some of my spoken word poetry is on soundcloud.✨


games i've made✨

play "find the woman of colour at the gamejam", an empathy game/interactive fiction piece based on my own 100% true story, set in seattle, WA, which i wrote and published in london, england in november 2015.

i did the art/character design for and made this zombie baby game with sdv and kk at a gamejam in seattle, wa in march 2014.



i'm working on, a simple place for poetry, with beau gunderson. b. summer 2015

i helped colin mitchell make Tweet Masker, a Google Chrome extension for PTSD sufferers that blurs out your choice of triggering tweets

i was co-organiser of Open Seattle for four years, 2013-2017, during which i was the only trans person of colour organiser, and i am the reason why the organisation is women-led today.

i've also contributed to Seattle Wiki and the Hey Duwamish! project.